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H2SO4 Fixated


From a sultry and retro Telepathic through a strikingly topical Hey Stupid, an elusive H2SO4 refuses to lower the bar for intrigue, intensity and creative appeal. New music is a must, and the latest offering Fixated proves this further – though once again in an unexpected fashion.

Surprisingly melodic, electronic rock with a clear dance core and an edge of romantic intimacy and infatuation, Fixated feels like a classic alternative EDM track from a simpler era. The hook in particular has an addictive familiarity, resolving beautifully after the grit and fuzz of the verses that pave the way beforehand.

Somewhat humble or deeply human in its topic and set-up, the track showcases superb production as ever, and a recognisable voice; though distant and effected, still true to the identify of the project.

Then we get the rise, the drop, the synths and the progression from dirty bass and drums to euphoric, dreamy peaks.

The whole thing feels like a slept-on classic, a timeless hit that begs for you to ramp up the volume and celebrate obsession and love at high-octane levels. Get lost in the moment, on the dance floor, consumed by the music as much so as the subject of your fixation.

Brilliant, by far the most mainstream and memorable track from H2SO4 yet.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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