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H2SO4 Telepathic


Retro-alternative dance vibes meet with creative structuring for this nostalgic yet spacious electro-pop single from the H2SO4 headquarters.

Featuring reverberating hits of synths from yesteryear, and somewhat equally timeless vocals – softly whispered and with an eighties-style bluntness – Telepathic is a metaphorically rooted single with a strong pop core.

Feeling like an alternative anthem in style, dark and late-night vibes echo through, a little Depeche Mode with a hint of something more Madonna-like – Telepathic is almost the after party house track its intro and instrumentals imply, but ultimately it’s something else entirely.

Uniquely indie in how accessible the voice is, surprinsgly minimalist, with just enough contemporary references and melodic flickers to give the whole thing a clearly recognisable air – Telepathic reignites the creative freedom of the nineties, and introduces the H2SO4 sound in a subtly memorable way.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “H2SO4 – Telepathic

  1. Minimalistic, Nostalgic but somehow modern. Very independent. Something a little bit different….. Nice

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