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Groucho Blood in the Water


Heavy distortion and softer vocal threads unite for a nostalgic alt-rock sound – Groucho deliver a riff-strong anthem of evocative imagery and melodies, for Blood in the Water.

Vaguely topical and poetic with its short-lined reflections and ideas, Blood in the Water offers a dreamy grunge-kissed arrangement that’s quick to enchant listeners.

The balance between intensity and lightness works beautifully, prompting the mind to wander as these simple statements and conceptual fragments intrigue and provoke.

Musically Groucho set the vibe well, this less crisp and more ethereal approach feeling both arena-ready and perfectly suited to the late-night escapism or the long commute. The whole thing rains down and envelops the listener, increasingly so as the track and lyrical depth gather momentum.

The latter half in particular presents a fairly addictive loop of passionate conviction and energy, the repeating line of ‘I’m coming for blood’ met by the bold unity of all instruments for this spiraling outro, which begs for you to delve in more than once.

Find Groucho here or via Bandcamp & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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