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GRLSKOUT White Dreams (DJ Mix)


Kicking things off in a brilliantly stylish fashion, the classic familiarity of a Fleetwood Mac favourite, fused with the raw musical vibrancy of an upbeat indie-meets-EDM style aura – Glrskout’s White Dreams DJ Mix is an absolute must for those of us who like to escape entirely into the energy of music.

Things continue down this pathway throughout the set, offering a dash of something we all know and love, some legendary mentions, but presenting it in a somewhat hypnotically ambient and rhythmic manner. It’s like a guilty pleasures done properly experience. It feels great to lose yourself in the playlist, and what’s more, everything progresses in a totally satisfying way. The collection feels connected within itself, relevant to its own artistry and vibe – as opposed to being merely a list of personal favourites arranged in a random order.

Grlskout, AKA Marta, is a DJ, Producer, Singer, Songwriter – Artist – born in Warsaw, Poland but raised in Canada. Over the years, she’s worked hard and creatively at her craft and is now a renowned DJ and performer across the US; having been booked to entertain a number of high profile names to date. When you listen to her set, it’s easy to see why people flock towards her. There’s an overwhelming fusion of the familiar and the outright unknown within the sound, something that is rare, particularly when it’s so professionally connected and presented. In this case, the only negative is that it’s all over before the hour is done, but, fortunately – this is merely the beginning.

White Dreams grows more and more a part of you and your evening the further into the set you wander. This selection of riffs, the eclecticism, this meeting of the well-known and the unexpected, the colour and the changing beats, the calming and simultaneously uplifting, atmospheric ambiance of it all – this one’s a winner. Totally worth a listen, and a follow. Turn it up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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