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Grant Smith Unfair


This could well be the best release from singer and songwriter Grant Smith so far. It’s a stunning song that develops in a simple yet immensely satisfying way, and it’s a great piece of music to embrace as 2018 lingers on the horizon.

The familiar sound and skill of Grant Smith’s vocal performance works in unison with the untold stories he presents in creating something that is categorically his. In this case, the music surrounding and supporting the sentiment is incredibly unique as well. For what begins as an acoustic offering, the simple though quick picking of a seemingly unplugged banjo (or effected guitar), the raw delicacy of a leading voice, Unfair soon explodes into life with multiple layers of folk-rock or world-music-inspired instrumentation. The gentle and the manic combine, joining forces to present this chaotic and colourful soundscape that enhances the song’s build up and hook intensely.

It’s always genuinely a pleasure and exciting to check out something new from Grant Smith. What comes through with Unfair though seems once again to be in a league of its own. The melody has the simplistic set-up of a mere two or three notes throughout the verses, yet that rise at the end of each line adds something immediately additive and memorable. Then you get the hook, this moment at which the quickness and the power of such effective songwriting really comes into its own. The contrast between the two parts is striking.

It’s a beautiful song, and as always – creatively and professionally composed – almost certainly though, the instrumentation is what allows this release to shine so brightly. The piece appears as a composition, a clever crafting of musical art, fusing lyricism and melody with brightness and a specific, passionate ear for what makes a truly captivating experience for an audience.

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