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Grace Freeman Oliver


The sound of Grace Freeman’s leading voice has the purity and subtle power of some of the most classic or vintage singers and songwriters from throughout the past several decades. The song Oliver has a fairly minimal presentation to it, instrumentally speaking. The structure of the song leads you into this revolving chamber of melody that is not dissimilar to the way that many trip-hop or down-tempo electronic tracks are crafted these days. However, Oliver is far from overproduced. The song is blissfully organic and, at its core, something of its own entirely.

Opening with a solo acoustic picking, evolving only to be joined by a brief touch of accordion, the track strikes as a deeply personal piece of art and expression and storytelling. The melody wraps itself around you and the intensity builds through the artist’s own skillful ability to chase these varying emotions with a flawless vocal stream of relevant notes; always loaded with feeling, always offering some poetic and unexpected lyric reflecting the inner turmoil of, essentially, being human.

The development of the track comes by means of a slight instrumental gain, some delicate and effective vocal harmonies, and of course, as mentioned, this intriguing and beautiful manner in which the singer presents these insightful observations and thoughts by means of a spiraling and ever intensifying leading voice.

The final few moments see the settling down of emotions, though throughout the whole performance the music as a single piece of audio has the soothing and easy to listen to ambiance of any great yet gentle recording. Only if you choose to dig a little deeper, to listen a little more intently, do you start to find yourself falling down the rabbit hole with her, as this unique and captivating story unfolds.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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