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Gp Music enjoying da destruction


Gp Music’s latest release is a five-track collection of down-tempo, easy going hip hop songs that are met with a mellow ambiance and a fairly raw, notably independent aura that drives the whole thing in a relatable way.

muggsy bogues opens the project up with a simple chord progression and rhythm that quickly entrances. The vocal effect is not your usual touch, particularly for modern rap music – the sound has a retro robotic feel that contrasts quite intensely with the delicacy of the surrounding soundscape. You adjust fairly quickly to it and it does give the project a certain sound that stays true to the Gp approach.

Performance-wise the track seems to follow a stream of consciousness style, pouring idea after idea into the mix and speeding up the pace notably towards the end. ur bish follows and the voice is familiar now, the ambiance though does lean in a more synth-driven, lighter and dreamlike direction. The effects remain, the thread throughout is this sense of character and this particular array of production tools. This song has a repetitive hook that you’d undoubtedly recognize it for. The same goes for the under-water feel of the finish.

peace is a track that takes things in a fresh direction, the mood is immediately more emotional and reflective than what came before – the beat sets a calming vibe fit for deep thinking or working on your bars. Gp expresses a strangely hypnotic string of truths here that connect in an unexpected way – I don’t wanna die, I just wanna get high. Some ideas seem carefree, laid back, others feel a little more relevant to today’s world and the issues artists tend to openly come to terms with. Again the performance speeds up more and more so towards the end, keeping that additional thread alive.

by a pool refreshes the aura a little with a classic beat and a chord progression that uplifts and simultaneously calms. Gp adds a flicker of melody to this one, turning to the tones and emotional touches of RnB. The sound works well where it is and this track makes for a definite highlight within the collection. The development, the clarity, the lyrics – it all plays out like a scene from a movie, holding close to your attention and entertaining at the very same time. You feel a little more on the level of the artist here.

The set comes to a close with the mellow-electronic and slightly jazz-like tones of transient, a track with a detailed story-line – offering further insight as to the life and drive of the man behind the music. The soundscape feels anything but hip hop, but the vocal delivery and the topics touched upon are undoubtedly inspired by classic hits from the genre. It’s an interesting fusion, and as suggested – this sound is easily familiar as Gp Music once you’ve stumbled upon it. It’s perhaps an acquired taste but that’s the way the most artistic and creatively free releases tend to be. There’s a definite sense of identity about it all.

All tracks produced by RELL$FARGO. Find & follow Gp Music on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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