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Goth Daddy Amnesia


Deeply personal outpourings and the heavy fuzz of electronic rock production unite throughout a series of revealing originals from artist and songwriter Goth Daddy.

Fusing intimate and quietly expressive, recognisable vocals, with a clear edge of distorted yet melodic intensity – which screams out on behalf of the mood and emotion of each track – Goth Daddy’s music connects for its humanity and fearlessly dark commitment to the process.

As an introduction to the sound, Amnesia highlights these qualities in a captivating way.

The two distinct sections of the song provide a hypnotic structure – initially things are gritty and intriguing, later we fall into an electronic synth section like quick strings of neo-classical weight; here the melody switches to subtly catchy, resolving well and luring the audience in with something memorable.

Prior to this release, Death Without A Funeral maintained the darkness but underlined further creative production in the form of a dreamy soundscape and trap-style rhythm. Here we get a brighter arrangement and an all-round familiar melodic progression, by means of a tired, drawn-out vocal that genuinely portrays the disconnection and vampiric scorn of the lyrics.

Clearly uninhibited by genre or industry expectation, Goth Daddy creates from a place of intention – as per the needs of each track or idea. This means no two releases are the same, but with that there still remains a consistent thread of identity – often the voice, this balance between lightness and power, and the unsettling contemplation of the lyrics.

Other tracks worth exploring are the brand new release Welcome To The Show, expected November 5th – theatrical in voice and almost nostalgic hard-house in pace and production.

There’s also the bass-thick warped intensity and lyrical angst of Bullshit and the Beautya suffer-no-fools outpouring of resentment for and rejection of the norm.

Elsewhere, As It Falls offers another dreamy wash of synth melodies and contrasting metal tendencies for a powerful instrumental; complete with a cascading guitar solo. Originally a metal musician with years of experience, this track proves a highlight from the Goth Daddy catalogue for its organic presence and the clear skill and passion that guide it.

The Rise Of One is another that injects a compelling nod to heavy metal – alongside creative trip-hop production for a deeply expressive, melodically euphoric progression.

In every case, the music speaks volumes on behalf of focus and authenticity – Goth Daddy’s creative identity runs throughout, regardless of the pace or purpose of each song. For all of these reasons, it connects in a truthful and respectably vulnerable fashion.

Look out for the official video for Amnesia on November 3rd. Check out Goth Daddy on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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