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Glowing Trebstep Bevel


Stylishly uniting colourful, dreamy and detailed soundscapes with a surprisingly intimate, revealing and personal manner of composition, the new Glowing Trebstep album leads with infectious ambiances and deeply human emotions alike.

Broke Me immediately stands out, the softness of the voice and the vulnerability of the lyrics contrasting powerfully with the increasing weight and cinematic presence of the production. There’s a struggle in the sentiment, the final repeat of Broke Me reaching out with poignancy and heart, but there’s brightness in the music – a pairing that allows the whole thing to prove hypnotic and impactful in one.

Elsewhere the production takes even greater leaps, the likes of Monton veering off into experimental dance realms, complete with fragmented samples, melodies, unusual intricacies and a brilliant build-up and drop into distorted, fuzzy and fiercely beautiful intensity. A personal favourite for its combination of creativity and the absolute embrace of a well-crafted dance instrumental.

Keeping things eclectic, the piano-led calm and increasing chaos of Happy At Last rings out loud and clear. Brighter and bolder suddenly, a sense of rising anticipation proving vastly immersive. Once again the artistry meets with professionalism, allowing the euphoric hit of EDM to blend impressively with a clear thread of identity and originality. These are calling cards of the Glowing Trebstep name, and throughout this new project they (and the name itself) leave a stronger and stronger mark.

Time Drifter energises with a playful funk energy and plenty of dubstep-esque fall-backs before the rise up into darkness and ecstasy united. Then things take a turn down even darker and more distorted pathways for The Chase – a brief yet striking, unsettling but strangely satisfying progression. Versatility is key, and there’s no denying its role.

Escape The Lockdown feels more classic house and EDM than anything else, the panning and the sudden injection of weight and pace lighting up the room and quickly inviting interest in a higher volume. Things brighten up soon, delving into retro gamer tones and nineties dance epics all at once.

To mix things up one final time is the dreamy and almost beach-ready, delicate and emotive Moving Into The Light. Once again we get the rise up, the evolution, the increasing embrace that envelops listeners and offers a clear and unquestionable escape from the outside world. Beautifully exhilarating – another definite highlight, from an EP of originals that naturally connects and engages with its audience in a genuinely refreshing way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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