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Glenarvon Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear


Soon to be released from the upcoming album Idle Thrashing, this Glenarvon single delves nostalgically into the weight and emotion of nineties alternative rock, and hits with refreshing impact in the process.

Leading with seductive bass and equally alluring, breathy vocals, Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear is quick to connect, utilising contrast to a masterful degree – between moments of melody and weight, between the lyrical intimacy and the broader immersive qualities, and indeed between the somewhat vulnerable identity of the voice and the otherwise vast reach of the soundscape.

It’s a superb hit of escapism, which manages to feel retro yet also fresh from a creative perspective – that title is unforgettable, and the looping embrace of it for the hook reinforces this memorable strength. At the same time, the song is a fine introduction to Glenarvon – a songwriter and musician creating from a place of sheer expression and passion for the genre.

Weave in a brief yet satisfying guitar solo of distorted but soulful presence for the final quarter, and the entire two-twenty-five journey is an addictive dream to lose yourself within; particularly at volume.

Really nicely done – absolutely worth a listen for that precise fusion of yesteryear energy and lyrical originality; not to mention the uniquely distinctive vocals. I’ll be excited to hear the completed album (releasing August 28th).

Check out Glenarvon – multi-instrumentalist Derek Brown – on Instagram or via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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