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Glass Half Full Not As It Seems {Ballad Version} (Feat. Erin)


Not As It Seems is a song with a simple soft-rock backdrop, organic and warm – easy to visualize in a live setting. The main strength of the song though undoubtedly comes through via the writing, the leading vocal delivery, and in particular – during the latter half; this ambient, entrancing pathway to the finish line that rains down around you in a beautiful way.

Glass Half Full as a project undoubtedly drives with an emotional need to express certain ideas. The way this song has been crafted offers simple yet beautiful melodies and ideas that grow more and more immersive as the journey progresses. At close to five minutes long, it feels like a longer than average experience, but the benefit of this is that the various elements and layers really get the time to weave something wonderful around you. Even the distant three notes that linger in the outskirts add to this – everything has been cleverly incorporated so as to slowly but surely lull you into a sense of calm and consideration.

From a songwriting perspective, the song inspires optimism and overcoming – things are never as bad as they seem is an idea that we could all spend a little time with. This accessible nature works beautifully among the song’s familiar yet refreshing aura. Mixed in with this is a definite string of intimacy – a personal touch during the verses that tells the artist’s own story and lets the listener feel involved and as if they understand or can connect a little more deeply.

The single is undoubtedly a grower, a good song to begin with but a stunning one by the time it nears its finish. The latter half really lets the artistry of the moment take the wheel, allowing that alternative freedom to shine brightly. There’s also plenty more to look forward to from Glass Half Full – including an upcoming rock song as part of a collaboration with another vocalist. Well worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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