JayJay hits the scene with a smooth hit, initially leading with soulful softness, soon switching gears to become an equally laid-back yet slightly more energising and confident take on contemporary hip hop and alt-pop.

Hip HopPopRnB

Fresh from the album accidentally INCorporated, creative composer Basil Babychan is set to release a five-minute conceptual journey that is the powerful instrumental piece Shadows Dance. Designed to explore the emotional pathways through multiple challenges and obstacles in life, the composition uniquely expresses the details of its journey, and even later goes onto resolve and … Continued

ComposerInstrumentalNeo ClassicalProducer

Striking hard & fast with a mighty hit of nostalgia, Tower Crane Towers pour through with the authentic pace & grit of bands like Bad Religion & Good Riddance. This feels genuinely like a forgotten legend from the peak of nineties punk-rock.

Punk Rock

Amaru writes for an audience, you can hear this throughout the album – the collection is eclectic, inclusive, and ever-changing; never falling victim to one single way of doing things.