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Geo Moon We Vibe


Exploding into life with an immediately brilliant build-up and drop, Geo Moon’s We Vibe is a quickly immersive and simultaneously impressive piece of contemporary alternative pop.

Featuring a heavy but colorful soundscape, the track weaves its web of multiple riffs and crisp drums around you, faultlessly utilizing the satisfying effect of contrast between quiet and loud, lightness and weight.

All the while, these eighties-style vocals offer up an equally nostalgic melody and a deeply intimate story-line – loaded with emotion, sounding electronically supported yet honest and genuine nonetheless.

The further into the track you get, the more strongly you fall under the spell of these repeating riffs, and the more intensely that connection with the lyrics seems to grow. The verses lay bare a multitude of details, and with each revisit – which is almost guaranteed, given the concise life-span and sudden finish – more and more of those intricacies and ideas stand tall.

We Vibe is a really enjoyable, interesting and energizing new single. Well-produced, fresh and fairly infectious – not to mention authentic enough to provoke interest in a live performance. That balance between production and organic implication works well to create a sense of realness. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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