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Genesix Devil Went Down to LA


Following on from the brilliantly creative hit that was 9 Tails, Genesix returns with yet another conceptually enthralling, artistic hip hop release; with a classic, somewhat vintage edge for pure nostalgia.

Blending the auto-tune and reverb-soaked sound of contemporary rap, with a uniquely melodic, Mexican-style, dance-ready soundscape, Devil Went Down to LA keeps things interesting with equal parts familiar and fresh lyrical detailing – not to mention a consistently evolving structure.

Contrasting high-energy moments of rap with smoother instances of melody, Devil Went Down to LA leads with a sense of purpose and a clear story. Certain bars really stand tall, despite the quiet mix that places the vocal on par with the surrounding instrumentation, and this gives listeners something to follow along and connect with. The weight of the lyrics actually increases throughout, right before the final resolve of that hook satisfies in a powerful way.

Something of a grower, a track that proves more and more likeable with each revisit, and still holds close to that uninhibited, creatively free Genesix sound and style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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