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Gas Beatz Official Gas Chamber (Review / Q&A)


Gas Beatz lets the classic and nostalgic sound of yesteryear’s alternative house and experimental EDM ring loud and clear with this latest dark and dynamic release Gas Chamber. 

Creativity drives, the track emerges like a detailed and complex soundscape – made up of layers, moments, scenes in the progression. At the same time, the thickness of that bass-line, the distortion, the fuzz and the energy – even the tripped up beat – all of this builds a vintage and immersive dance vibe around the listener that quickly takes over the room. It’s incredibly easy to lose yourself in this kind of composition. The only negative, if there has to be one, is that it ends far too soon.

Offering up a fine balance between intensely energizing electronic dance vibes, the weight and power of rhythmic dub-step and house, and the care-free creativity of an artist with a concept and mood in mind – Gas Chamber is as audience-engaging as it is conceptually quirky. There’s a point to the process, an intention to the whole thing, and Gas Beatz makes the absolute most out of all of this.

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How would you describe your sound?

Well, given the fact that I’ve only been producing for 4 months will clearly show you I’m still fine-tuning everything. However, I’m making fast progression and already have developed quite a unique approach with my sound. I bring nothing but heavy hitters to the table – filled with deep bass lines and down right filthy wubs!

What can people expect to experience from one of your live shows?

High intensity, amazing energy and, quote on quote, “nothing but hot sauce”! 😘

How has failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

That’s a great question! I truly believe that failure drives success. Growing up devoting my entire life to my band really helped me grow and learn as a musician. On the road things got pretty tough and we started fighting and eventually broke up. Going through that made me learn and grow so much as a musician in general, as to where my focus should be and to always stay sober, disciplined, and never take things for granted – I found out first hand what it’s like to lose everything. This is why I realize how lucky I am to be making music for a living and would never ever let myself break out of focus or take anything for granted.

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