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Remembrance and celebration unite as lifelong songwriter and musician garden on a trampoline delivers an extended album of originals, crafted across 30 years of musicianship.

In honour of his late father, syzygy spans genres and topics throughout, from the delicacy of an acoustic and poetic folk opener, through the sudden electro fuzz and retro gamer tones of how to breathe (an early highlight, hypnotic and heartbreaking), and continuing for the extent of this rightfully eclectic collection from a life spent immersed in music.

Poetic songwriting is a key strength of garden on a trampoline’s approach – these memorable references, impressive similes and metaphors, combined with the unmistakable sound of that expressive, somewhat raw indie vocal, gives a versatile project its essential threads of identity.

Electronic sound-play makes up a huge part of the album’s unique angle. Where the songwriting is mildly simple, with short lines and accessible thoughts, the music works to inject an edge of unorthodox creativity. Someone to hold is a fine example, hopeful and inspiring, with unpredictable production underneath this.

Later on, the distortion and arena-ready ambiance of non blends with its anthemic chorus, for another worthy example and another definite highlight. That optimistic, inspiring energy stands tall once more, and the use of juxtaposed elements here, from heavy rhythms and canned vocals, to the fullness of elsewhere, elevates the poetic images and contemplations of the writing.

Heartfelt melancholy guides the piano-soaked reflective tones of no way back, well-placed for its minimalist style, with the later emotion of get well soon hitting with similar impact. In between the two, the brighter energy and embrace of no reason works its magic effectively.

Some final highlights include the folk-pop colour and heartbreaking intimacy of be right here, and the equal emotive grip of a simple yet striking all of you. In reality though, there’s plenty to unpack within the walls of this project, and plenty to connect with, too. It’s an ode to family, to everlasting love, and gratitude for the beauties of life.

For those who wish to buy Syzygy, proceeds go to cancer research – in memory of g.o.a.t’s father – and two bonus covers are also included.

“Here’s to 30 years of music creation in honor of my dad who created me!”

Grab the album via Apple, Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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