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Fuze the MC Big Baller Baby Remix (Feat. Lil B & Lavar Ball)


Heavy bass and real-time basketball FX make up the spacious and creative backdrop to Fuze the MC’s latest anthem.

The newly released remix for Big Baller Baby hits with character and confidence, taking a laid-back approach towards hitting with impact thanks to unique production and simple story-telling from moment to moment.

Seeing the artist join forces with Lil B and Lavar Ball, Big Baller Baby highlights a love for the fun of the process, lightening the mood with a basketball-inspired hit that will no doubt make its way to the real sports world in the coming months.

Big Baller Baby keeps things quirky and subtly clever as it makes its way through an extensive four minutes plus. The half-way point sees things shift to a more dynamic and complex outpouring of bars – smart and sharp rhymes with a longer-form set-up naturally captivate in light of the simplicity from earlier.

The arrangement works well, softening the blow with personality before delving into a quick-witted and impressively likable vocal for an ultimately engaging finish. You only need to hear it once, and you know the sound.

Check out Fuze the MC on Twitter & Instagram, and follow Lil B & Lavar Ball.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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