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Fitch Means 2AM Drive


Personal depth and clear emotion lead the way for Fitch Means’ beautifully melodic and smooth yet passionate new single, from the EP of the same name, 2am Drive.

Blending a sort of RnB soundscape and long-form vocal line, with a slightly anthem-like, even Lady Gaga-style of progression, the single paints a clear series of pictures and scenes around its listeners, and simultaneously highlights the thoughtful, flawless and emotive nature of Fitch Means’ voice.

An impressive single, somewhat nostalgic or at-least notably timeless for its classic pop melancholy and engaging groove. The late-night drive concept is accessible, as is the late-night contemplation on life and relationships, and the entire vibe of the song, from its meandering bass-line to the synths and the stunning arrangement of voices, all reflects those relatable sentiments in a beautiful way.

Nicely done, what would have been an easy hit in a simpler industry, but which will hopefully reach the audience it deserves over the coming weeks and months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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