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Fabian Raad Insatiable


Retro dance flavours and piercingly soulful vocals guide us into the infectious and uplifting groove of Fabian Raad’s Insatiable.

Uniting a full-band feel with electronic production akin to the classics from disco and dance-pop combined, Insatiable stands tall on both the strength of its set-up and Fabian’s own distinct and stylish performance.

It’s a leading voice that’s easy to get on board with, reaching that passionate elevation renowned amongst acts like Jamiroquai and Years & Years. Having said that, we get an authentically recognisable overall sound here, and there’s a dash of grit and gravel to Fabian’s otherwise smooth delivery; which builds further upon that refreshing audio identity.

Backed by a musical family and years spent fronting queer pop and electronic group ALPHAS, Fabian’s solo journey brings through a fine balance between alternative or nostalgic musicianship and outright contemporary rhythms and hooks.

Insatiable is all of this, seductive and catchy, smoothly-crafted for that late-night, seductive overtone, and promising to fill the role of dreamy escapism and dance-floor filler all at once.

Download or stream Insatiable here. Check out Fabian Raad on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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