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ET Boys Forever Night


Following the success of last year’s SOMETHING LOVE, retro-electronic duo ET Boys bring the distortion and melody back for a full-length project of finely-crafted anthems.

The opening moments alone seem to light up the room with energy, rhythm, fullness and optimism. Sober is an easily uplifting tune, blending aspects of modern rap with electro-alternative acts like AWOLNATION for an ultimately colourful and catchy progression.

This strength continues throughout the album Forever Night, yet with more than enough versatility to keep you interested. The collection promises 11 original tracks, an unmistakable vocal sound, and uniquely immersive production.

Consider the second track Nowhere, with a sci-fi-soaked undertone akin to the recent rise of shows like Stranger Things. That electro-pop writing and the heavier and faster-rap and musical edge fuse impressively well, gifting ET Boys a sound that works faultlessly at volume, and maintains their identity every step of the way.

From the bass-thick presence of Poison Lipstick, through the romanticised and dreamy Long Night, to the brightness and beauty of Anthem – even the subsequent depth and darkness of an unignorable TakeYourGun (a definite highlight), Forever Night makes for an easy playlist of engaging escapism. It’s a project that perfectly embraces the listener in equal parts volume, heart, rhythm and contemplation.

Check out ET Boys on Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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