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ET Boys Something Love


Retro synths and the full embrace of warming electro-pop meet with loving, uplifting sentiments and melodies as ET Boys continue their climb with Something Love.

Simple in arrangement with short lines that rise and fall depicting an intimate story of romance, Something Love soon elevates itself into hip hop fusion realms, with a thick rhythm and an emo-rap style hook.

The familiarity of the intro is replaced by a clear authenticity and freedom creatively, and this helps give the track an edge of originality that still fits in with the modern scene.

A summer anthem at its core, with elements of uncertainty and realness intertwined with hopeful unity – particularly during the latter half there’s a clear degree of fear about losing this good feeling and this oneness.

Bright and euphoric by nature though, combining genres effectively and ultimately hitting with energising impact as the final hook strikes – every layer, every synth, rhythm and voice, joins forces to bring a powerful level of passion for the outro.

Really nicely done, and by the look of things there’s plenty more music to come from ET Boys.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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