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Erick Grant Someday


Erick Grant offers music fans a stunning set of vocals, the sort that lean back and forth between the almost whispered and the soulful and mighty – even a little reminiscent of Eddie Vedder.¬†Someday¬†is a brilliant song, there’s a sense of anticipation or rising intensity from the offset – the acoustic strum and indeed the verse vocal delivery come through with a level of undiscovered or slowly building weight.

This feels like a huge track but the building blocks have a notably organic nature. It’s a fairly spacious, even minimalist set-up – two guitars, one descending through a fairly grunge-like chord progression, the other meandering freely and expressively in between vocal parts. Then you get the beat, subtle or humble in itself, barely noticeable in some respects as the rhythm guitar carries the bulk of the movement. In addition there are some flickers of distant synths or sounds that add a touch of further character. For the most part though, it’s the leading voice and the lyrics that drive the experience and captivate the listener.

Grant’s voice is stunning, as stated – he moves through the various sections of this song in a flawless and soulful way. Whether you believe this is grunge or rock or blues-rock – at it’s core, this is the work of a singer and songwriter with a passion for writing and performance. You can hear this in the lyrics and indeed in the way his voice builds and evolves throughout. It’s a compelling and emotionally bold release, and on top of this – the hook is one that softly but surely makes certain you’ll walk away with it in your mind. Even the lyrics that accompany the hook are intriguing enough to leave you wondering about them, to leave you considering the song long after it’s finished.

This is a great release, gentle and gritty all at once – surely the sort of sound that would work wonders at a live show. Erick Grant has something that’s his, that’s real and loaded with personality. Well worth exploring.

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