An artist with a fairly minimal, simple approach, yet one that keeps the focus on the right building blocks – the topic, the performance the rhythm and the overall mood.

Hip HopProducer

What you have here is a mash-up of traditional and modern electric instruments that looks risky on paper but sounds great in practice. I’m put in mind of the solo albums by ex-Marillion frontman, Fish, around the time of his Internal Exile album. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to this fresh, but the accomplishment is undeniable.

Folk RockMetalRock

This smart piece of acoustic rock from Bruno Brocchi wears its heart very much on its sleeve, doing all the things that a smart piece should. Bruno’s vocals are tense and emotional, panging with regret and feel like they are properly attached to a love-lost story that should resonate with many listeners.


Far from a simple songwriting session where band members fill in the space around the lyrics, Barbott work as one – crafting music with passion & intent.


An Electronic Hero rightfully takes centre stage as 2016 swings into action. Isoipstar is the long awaited release by the electronic musician and songwriter, otherwise known as Federico Foria, and it features the vocal talents of singers from the USA, Jamaica, and Italy. The incredible visual artist Elisa Mazia put together the artwork for the project. The term Isoipstar is one … Continued