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Endsightt Ghost Of John


The master of art rap returns. Endsightt’s brand new track Ghost Of John is one that soaks you in soulful sounds and good vibes, at the same time as once again pushing the term alternative to the absolute limit.

This latest release is everything we quickly fell for about The Music Demo. Endsightt’s artistry fuses so brilliantly with this musically heavy, funk meets hip-hop sort of sound; all of which strikes hard from the offset, and echoes around in your head for the remainder of the piece. The artist’s lyricism is on form in this case; the flow is somewhat relentless, at times making you feel the need to press pause and head back to catch a few more words – something you’re likely to refuse to do until it’s over, for fear of missing a moment of the action. It’s all over in less than five minutes, but the whirlwind of sounds and ideas expressed make it feel like something much bigger just happened.

The story unfolds faster than ever, surrounding you in moments and movements and ideas and skits. The musical backdrop to this piece has a world of character in itself, then you weave Endsightt’s vocal power through it, and this immense array of theatrical magic just pours out. Nobody else makes music quite like this. The sound is motivational, to say the least; it gets you geared up and ready to go – to wherever it is that the lyricism and the performance decides to take you. And alongside all of this, you get those ever faithful yet subtle snippets of realness and feeling.

At times there’s a hint of Kanye in the vocal, an artist whose voice is somewhat force-fed to us through many areas of media, but there’s far too much outside of this to really take any notice. There’s so much else going on here that just immediately moves your mind to somewhere new when you listen, and what makes it even more unique, is that there’s a consistent level of value and meaning in what’s being said – it reaches out and connects with you.

Endsightt is the artist who creates this kind of unusual, unpredictable, dramatically crafted music, which makes you feel incredible when you listen, and really showcases the fact that he is indeed one of a kind. This is the artist who presents us with this particular style and sound, first and foremost. It’s the sound of a master at work, and there’s comfort in knowing that anything he puts out will satisfy your needs – forever surprising you, at every corner turned, but always holding fast to that winning formula.

Listen to the track on CDBaby and look out for the official release date by following Endsightt on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out our in depth review of Endsightt’s album The Music Demo, from back in May.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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