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Emerge Restless Bethel, Believe


Emerge Restless take on the weight of intention and hard-rock sentiments with this unique journey of a single that is Bethel, Believe.

For the immersive melodic rock fans who bask in the nostalgia of a simpler era, Emerge Restless have captured something special.

Focusing down on the post hardcore tones and distortion of the sound, Bethel, Believe weaves in a satisfying structure, varying melodies, and a clear conceptual presence that draws you in and holds you captive.

Whether the moment features long, drawn-out notes for a passionate calling, or quicker riffs and crashing drums alongside storytelling details, the song presents it in an artistic and authentically new manner. So while the set-up is familiar, the progression is not, and that’s a balance the band have mastered.

Coming in at just under the three minute mark, Bethel, Believe hits with impact thanks to its fearless commitment and emotive, hypnotic use of melody. Best experienced at volume, the song provides a dreamy audio embrace, loaded with striking musicianship, and faultlessly produced for a truly enveloping listen.

Download the music via Bandcamp. Check out Emerge Restless on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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