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Elle Casazza Too Bad


Elle Casazza’s music draws much of its energy from the easy going lightness of reggae and a variety of what you might like to think of as beach party vibes. However, at its core, the track Too Bad has the emotion and soul of a songwriter with something a little left of what may be expected.

In a way, the opening verse explores an early 20th century kind of sound – perhaps the style presented in the accompanying video adds to this effect – the artist’s leading voice has the confidence and performance style reminiscent of simpler times. Then as the hook section comes into play, the whole thing is flipped upside down, and the true variety of influence and inspiration behind it all really starts to shine.

The instrumentation throughout the recording is sweet and unique and loaded with character. Even the simplicity of that opening verse – the guitar part supports those initial lyrics and that melody beautifully. Everything builds appropriately yet unpredictably, and this is what keeps it so entertaining throughout. Soon enough the central rhythm of the piece steps into the spotlight and it’s as addictive and uplifting as you could hope for.

Creatively the whole thing features some awesomely stylish moments, and production wise the final polish lets each riff and each instrument stand tall as and when it should. Alongside all of this of course is the sound of the artist’s voice and the subject matter of the song. It’s a stylish and laid back piece of writing, performed with a great level of energy, and the whole thing makes for a strong introduction to the Chicago based singer and songwriter. The more you listen, the more the song’s melody, lyrics and overall energy imprint their good vibes on you.

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