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Ejima Bail It


Even with its modern day energy that seems to fit well with the mainstream sound of today, Ejima’s Bail It firmly introduces the duo as a unique act that undoubtedly have their own original approach to music, and it works; it balances those two factors extremely well.

Bail It is a spacious and fairly dreamlike track, minimalist to an extent, but what’s there has been thoughtfully and colorfully incorporated – so as to drive that rhythm and melody through with memorable strength. It’s a hit within itself, easy to vibe to or escape among – and that’s before you even get to the hook.

Bail It offers a pretty striking hook, nostalgic in many ways and reminiscent of a simpler time – though again, simultaneously offering the crisp and satisfying production style of today. Ejima showcase their own gentle yet passionate and confident performance styles, and in addition to how enjoyable and impressive all of this is, that hook effectively seals the deal in making the song stand tall in its own right.

In among all of this, the song has depth – the verses hold tight to your attention, the delivery is smooth and hypnotic, beautiful to listen to, and the words have such poignancy; fusing truth and poetry, honesty and metaphor. When the hook comes alive, the drop here is not overly intense but still it hits with impact.

The Afrobeat energy and the lightness of these synths and beats in general brings a welcomed touch of world-music to an otherwise familiar RnB-meets-pop sort of release. In addition, the song’s concept has a certain cleverness, a quirkiness that further builds on that strong sense of character that Ejima so uniquely present. It’s an easy hit, gorgeously fresh and comfortingly familiar at the same time. Chances are the near future will see big things happening for the duo. Well worth tuning in for.

Ejima is a vocal duo comprised of identical twin sisters who prefer to be known by a single name – Ejima means “twin” in the Nigerian Igbo language. Stream Bail It on Soundcloud. Find & follow Ejima on Facebook & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.


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