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EileenNoise Have It All (Feat. Anna Awe)


Retro electronica with big beats and multiple layers of synths raining down all around – EileenNoise and Anna Awe join forces for the surprisingly soulful, hard-hitting electronic rock track Have It All.

Consistently redirecting audiences with a genre-fusing, structurally free arrangement, the single feels like an eighties electro offering during the opening verse, and soon explodes into life as the hook vocal and instrumental reach that energetic peak and shift gears entirely.

Loaded with passion and skill united, both organic musicianship and production edging through with equal precision, Have It All weaves in a notably personal storyline, and an effected yet still emotive vocal lead from Anna; one that seems authentically connected to the lyrics.

The latter half sees things become a completely new track – almost pop-punk in tone but holding close to that nostalgic, eighties-esque weight and pace that’s somehow both mellow and intense.

Categorically unique, recognisable in style and subject, catchy in melody and deeply human in topic – Have It All makes and breaks its own rules throughout. It will be interesting to hear more music from both EileenNoise and Anna Awe.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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