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EGO Knock This Feeling


Outstanding good vibes pour through amidst a fine fusion of soulful, stylish vocal sampling and faultless production detail – EGO takes things to the next level with the Swing-kissed, addictive dance classic Knock This Feeling.

Retro in tone and performance, woven together with a contemporary twist of attention and intricacy, Knock This Feeling lights up the electro-swing realm as much so as that of EDM. The euphoric build-up proves ideal in offering a sense of rising anticipation that’s impossible to ignore.

Then we get the looping moments, shorter and shorter bursts of vocal and instrumental, the approaching peak of the high, before everything kicks back in for the uplift.

That moment gets to you with ease, prompting a volume increase, being both hypnotic and energising, and rather ironically knocking (away) any feelings of negativity or anxiety withheld before-hand – the track just feels good to escape into.

A timeless classic, well worth a few streams this season and beyond. EGO brings together ability and a clear, unwavering passion for music in its purest form, and these qualities can’t be faked.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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