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Eddi Baule Toasted Tones / Flutter


Resulting in hours of streaming across one morning alone, Eddi Baule masters the space and captures the mind beautifully with this project – the deeply immersive, hypnotic and uplifting Toasted Tones making for a vastly dreamy start to the week.

When played at volume, the mind wanders, the melody enthralls, faultless production showcases a fine degree of attention to detail, as close to four-minutes of subtle progression guides us through a light groove and contrasting warmth of bass.

Producer and artist Eddi Baule has crafted this one with equal parts precision and passion, delivering a memorable melody but in a subtle, humble manner, and ultimately promising a timeless hit of escapism for electronic music fans across the board. Its versatility is such that the usefulness of its embrace can reach as broadly as from the early morning energiser to the late-night, calm-inducing go-to.

That strength of balance continues throughout the equally engaging Flutter, within which we notice a clear set of threads recognisable to the Eddi Baule style; the way the bass weaves into the mix, the lighter synths and fragments, the shortness of the melody-line in repeating and maintaining its grip.

This approach offers an almost siren-like audio journey, but the softness of the set-up makes that far from intrusive – on the contrary, it’s alluring, comforting, and even addictive. As mentioned, you can play the tracks repeatedly, and not see them grow tedious – the calling card of a skilled and self-aware producer.

Fortunately, this is far from the beginning of Eddi Baule’s journey – whether Deep House, Garage or Breakbeat. Check him out on Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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