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Dustin Chapman & Ryleigh Madison Family Thing


Introducing a powerful collaborative single from uncle and niece duo Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh Madison, the devoted and deeply moving Family Thing shines new light on the strength of meaningful music, intentional songwriting, and the true, lasting connections drawn between a family.

Featuring a musically beautiful and impressive acoustic set-up to begin with, the song goes from strength to strength as it evolves. The dynamic created by the two voices is beautiful, Ryleigh’s verse in particular comes in to elevate things at just the right moment, and the chorus instances of unity work faultlessly in highlighting the clear emotion and connection of the title concept.

Familiar at first yet increasingly refreshing and incredibly soulful during its latter half as the lyrics and vocals reach passionately towards faith and meaning, Family Thing is stunning. The lyrics rise up with the melody, and resolve back down to leave an effectively lingering tune and sentiment that naturally lures you back in for more.

Storytelling and commitment to the cause have always stood tall throughout Dustin Chapman’s solo releases, and here we see those qualities reach greater plains still. A wonderfully poetic and relatable song, which permits a sense of freedom to roam whilst reinforcing those essential, irreplaceable roots that make us who we are.

Check out Dustin Chapman & Ryleigh Madison on Facebook / FB & Instagram / IG or visit Dustin’s Website. Grab the single from March 18th here.

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