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Dustin Chapman Slow Dance


Stunning vocals lead the way through this beautifully crafted country pop single. Dustin Chapman’s voice bursts through the acoustic set-up with absolute emotion and soul, proving an immediately appealing highlight of his sound, and effectively drawing you in closer for a better listen.

Slow Dance is a well-written ballad with a pop-like warmth but an organic, Americana-kissed arrangement, which helps give the whole thing a genuine, live-performance feel.

The song itself is easy to love, the melody has a simple yet satisfying progression to it, and the resolve at the end of each group of lines, both instrumentally and vocally, is perfectly comforting to listen to. What helps elevate the whole thing though, is easily Chapman’s voice. The boldness, the subtly meandering notes in unexpected places. This isn’t quite your typical country love song, there’s personality here, and this adds further to the natural realness and truthful intimacy of the song.

Taking things to even greater plains is the song’s brief but mighty middle-8 switch – a few faster-paced lines, an overflow of rising anticipation and passion from the instrumental. This short pause paves the way gorgeously back to the final drop into the familiar embrace of the hook.

Really nicely done, an individually inspired song, for sure, yet written in a vague and memorable enough fashion that it can quite easily become any couple’s ‘our song’ for the latter half of 2020.

Single out June 30th – pre-save it here or via iTunes or Google Play. Find & follow Dustin Chapman on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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