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Ryleigh Madison Stranger


Introducing an impressive collaboration from songwriter Dustin Chapman and his 14 year-old niece Ryleigh Madison – Stranger features a crystal clear, organic country set-up, a quickly engaging melody and storyline, and stunning vocals.

Leading with a smooth, shoulder-swaying kind of swagger, Stranger feels like an easy hit – softly blending the guitar-led tones of country with the clarity and catchiness of pop. All the while, the song welcomes the faultlessly meandering, subtly passionate vocals of Ryleigh Madison to the scene in a striking way. For such a young performer, the future looks incredibly promising.

Offering a likeable progression and production that’s more than high quality enough to find its way into the mainstream, Stranger swiftly moves from good to great as that addictive hook falls into place.

Feeling a little like the recent pop-country crossovers from artists such as Justin Timberlake, the song also tips its hat to the legends of the genre from yesteryear, and simultaneously paves its own way as a contemporary hit that’s sure to leave its mark.

Written by Dustin Chapman, who also provides backing vocals, Stranger will be available on all platforms from November 20th – Pre-save it here. Check out Ryleigh Madison on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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