Doug Ferony - Quando, Quando, Quando - Stereo Stickman

Doug Ferony Quando, Quando, Quando


Fresh from the album Doug Ferony Sings Italian FavoritesQuando, Quando, Quando is the artist’s latest single and showcases Ferony’s voice and love for the genre at their greatest.

Doug Ferony’s connection to and admiration for the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin shines brightly here, and furthermore – the single brings about a natural sense of joy and uplifting energy; classic and organic, genuine and lost in the moment. As a listener, the warmth of this track, of its arrangement and all of the performances within – and indeed, of the production finish that allows the whole thing to achieve such contemporary clarity – is a pleasure to let fill the room.

Doug Ferony and his big-band sound are one of a kind at present, and this single is the perfect starting point for those who are new to his music or who are seeking out that authentic, historically rooted yet fresh and colourful jazz and swing aura.

This new single Quando, Quando, Quando will also be featured on Bongo Boy Records’ LOVE IS, a love song collection compiling the work of Various Artists under their watch. Look out for that project in the Spring. Quando, Quando, Quando was released digitally as a single on Friday March 15, 2019. on Bongo Boy Records.

Find out more via the Bongo Boy Records Website. Visit Doug Ferony’s Website or find & follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

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