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Doomsday Music / Tone D Therapy (Feat. Bolder Biggs)


Fresh from the creative corner that brought us Gotta Get That Bag, a handful of original tracks of varied yet consistently impressive styles and subject matters – not least of all the unmistakable Therapy.

Summer vibes in strong supply pour through for the catchy and addictive hit that is Therapy. Smooth vocals keep the rhyme scheme short and quirky, accompanying visuals build further on the professional outlook, and the music promises an easy-going, ethereal calm – the sort that’s colourful and in tune with the underlying sentiments of the writing.

Bolder Biggs puts in an impressive feature and elevates the track’s sense of dynamic to help it hold attention from start to finish.

Tone D. also showcases the best of his abilities on the gritty and hard-hitting Fractions. Darkly cinematic and fast-paced with smart, sharp bars throughout that consistently lure you in, the whole thing promises an immersive groove and hypnotically rhythmic vocal outpouring, the intricacies of which urge you to listen more than once.

Also featuring D.Ra.W Pic and Bolder Biggs, the track has the makings of a timeless hip hop classic, haunting and intense, purposeful and free from the shallow references or quirks more commonly seen in modern rap. Versatility is a strength, and it stands tall between each new release from this particular arena of alternative hip hop.

Lonely At The Top takes things down a different pathway once again, contemplative in vibe and lyric, with equally pensive visuals to match. The vocals are faultless, characterful and mellow yet expressive, the lyrics honest and fearlessly showcasing vulnerability – in line with the dreamy melodic embrace of the soundscape.

The whole thing captivates, compels you to listen and fall into the groove, and prompts a sense of connection with the artist for that realness and poetry alike.

“It’s lonely at the top, but it’s also cold – the price of success; if you’re weak you fold.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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