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Donald Wiles Livin’ The Life


The essence of raw and classic jazz is well and truly alive and kicking with the music that Donald Wiles’ takes part in crafting. The vibrancy of Livin’ The Life is fantastic, flawlessly in tune with the concept, offering precisely the uplifting and energizing boost that audiences so often crave when seeking out live music. Again, these recordings beg to be heard live, but as modern sharing goes this style and somewhat vintage presentation gets you just about as close to the live experience as possible.

At just under four minutes long, Livin’ The Life creates a huge soundscape around you, the sort that seems like a swift journey through a busy, bustling town somewhere, soaked in sunshine. The detail involved in crafting the piece is wonderful, so much takes place within such a short space of time. The riffs meander freely as always, but in this case there are certain snippets of melody that categorically stay with you after listening. These unexpectedly play the part of a sort of hook or chorus, not something you commonly find in jazz, but something that even a wider audience can appreciate and relate to. The ongoing familiarity, the return to that particular intonation or splatter of character – it settles in well and makes the track even more recognisable than the uniquely vintage and raw energy of the music does in itself.

Making your way through the music of Donald Wiles is a sure fire way to rid yourself of the blues. The genre is not so commonly explored with such passion and dedication these days, so it’s a pleasure to hear the unforgettable and classic sound of authentic jazz presented under a new and equally genuine light.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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