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Don Knock Trendy


Initially emotive and designed with a contemporary twist of hip hop and dancehall, the otherwise organic acoustic tones and melodic strength of Don Knock’s Trendy first captures the heart, then injects the rhythm and style to promise a lasting summer anthem.

Stylishly impressive and contrasting that seemingly ballad-like opening with a faster-paced set of bars and a more dance-themed vibe and visual journey, Don Knock unites genres and flavours consistently, throughout the aptly-titled Trendy.

On occasion we get a briefly poetic sense of longing, which is soon juxtaposed by a simple swagger of confidence and appreciation for the aesthetic side of things. Both the lyrics and the music work in unison to represent that jump, ultimately gifting the track a subtle hint of shock-factor to help boost that underlying energy and bounce that is the production and verse writing.

Professionally captured and naturally infectious, Trendy keeps things both timeless and relevant, drawing listeners in with precision alongside a sheer love for the process. Expect this one to make waves in the coming weeks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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