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Dj Kazo Lost


Ambient chill for the deep thinkers and summer-sun dwellers, Dj Kazo’s Lost is a blissfully calming, hypnotic groove of a track. Flickers of a soulful voice repeat a single question on top of a heavy bass-line, utilising the impact of contrast beautifully.

Showcasing an impressively unique approach to production, mainly in the structure of the track – the arrangement choices – Lost feels like a late-night comfort or the perfect accompaniment to a long-drive. Given that it’s actually under three minutes long, this broader feel offered by the experience is essentially a clever illusion of superb production.

Dj Kazo takes his time to craft the track, a twenty-second intro only subtly hinting at a beat or melody or concept to come. Then things fall into place with style, every element finely chosen, somewhat organic enough to provoke interest in a live performance, yet still pristinely-tuned enough to speak volumes on behalf of impressive production.

There’s even a slightly jazz-like sound to the vocal, giving it a sax-inspired quality that would be easy to switch in for some kind of remix.

Really nice, an addictive tune with a Joe Goddardesque simplicity and soul.

Download or stream the project here. Find & follow DJ Kazo on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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