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Dizraeli The Unmaster


The squeaky clean and simple sound of pop seems to have wrapped its lukewarm arms around just about every genre and style on the planet in recent years. Artists and bands drive with a desire to be seen; known, liked. Lyrics feel familiar, beats and chord progressions can be easily placed and traced back to a thousand possible beginnings. And we don’t even notice, most of the time. We get used to it, it becomes normal, somehow enjoyable, and eventually we start to revel in it, because… this is the only escapism there is, and there’s nothing new or worth saying left to be said… right?

No way. Not possible.

Today’s a brand new day. And what a day.

Out of the depths of artistry and human thought – out from behind the bright colours and the iPhones and the ‘neverminds’ – the UK’s own musical wizard that is Dizraeli re-emerges from his creative cave. After three long years, he returns – with a full length project set to re-ignite that passion for originality and freedom we all once celebrated together.

Suddenly the veil is lifted. Reality pours through, complete with its twisted and dizzying unpredictability – its pain and its purity; its unwavering truthfulness.

To put it in a slightly more accessible manner… This is an album that needs to be experienced from start to finish. And then a few times more after that.

Twenty-one tracks and an immeasurable number of moments, each powerfully designed to provoke thought and calm and awareness – as well as creating a beautifully unique and inspiring space; within which only the most poignant and compelling lyrics and sounds and rhythms are permitted the chance to embrace you.

The effort that has gone into this is unquestionable. Dizraeli is categorically back where he deserves to be – filling the room with sound and energy in an invigorating, provocative, and beautifully honest way.

Incredible. An absolute breath of fresh air, and a real reminder of all that truly matters in this life that we all share. Listen loud and let yourself fall into it.

Download or stream The Unmaster here. Find & follow Dizraeli on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Grab tour tickets here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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