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Deltiimo Let’s Get together Sunshine Again


Another summer banger from the songwriter and dance-maker Deltiimo, this time remixing a 1992 classic, by Gary Louca.

Featuring the original vocals of Lisa Love Barron and Gary’s then four-year-old daughter Maria, the mix delivers everything from quirky and catchy vocal fragments to rising EDM energy and euphoric synths.

Weave in a near-organic horn riff for that good-vibes enchantment and the festival-ready feel, and the whole thing is quick to lift the mood of the room.

Written by Gary Louca and Bradon Grobler, Let’s Get Together promises a comfortingly familiar groove that rises up with a simple three-chord pattern. Alongside this we get dashes of melodic riffs and soulful vocal layers to reinforce the humanity and connection at the heart of all things Deltiimo.

Perfectly in tune with the incoming summer season and also presenting a fine balance of nostalgic dance-pop and contemporary production clarity, Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again delivers precisely what it’s title implies.

An infectious boost of positivity and brightness, which subtly transcends the limits of genre and time.

Stream the clip via TikTok. Find Deltiimo on Facebook, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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