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Decreici la axila del amor


Now for something immediately likeable, artistic and nostalgic yet fresh in its unpredictable progression through a fairly perfectly crafted five minutes. Mexican artist and producer Decreici shakes up the scene with la axila del amor.

Personally this gave me such good vibes and such a strong sense of identity that it could well be the theme-tune to some new hit show – or a documentary exploring the industrial world’s impact on modern life. That’s the opening moments, anyway. Soon we wander through the streets of Europe, with heavy bass and flickers of organic Mexican-kissed sound-play and rhythm.

Far from a one-trick pony, Ke chida Shaso keeps things creatively fresh at every step. la axila del amor extends a welcoming embrace with intrigue and colourful comfort united as it makes its way through an ever-evolving lifespan.

The artwork and the art connect beautifully, creating an engaging escape from reality, calming the mood and entertaining the listener with equal parts cinematic presence and the simple joy of a catchy groove.

It’s unique, constantly changing, yet recognisable – that bass-line and stop-start rhythm, the retro synths, the electric guitar fragments and horns.

Brilliant, one of the most creative yet still professional and impressive instrumentals of the year.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Check out Decreici on Facebook & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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