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Dean Cosmic Dreamland


Impressively melodic, appropriately dreamy trip-hop meets with contemporary emo and RnB stylings for this addictively ambient, softly soulful new project from Dean Cosmic.

Proving increasingly engaging as it progresses, Dreamland slowly but surely evolves from familiar to deeply moving as its brief setlist pours through.

Our introduction is the already ambient, blissfully mellow and vocally distant, reverb-drenched I’ll See You In My Dreams. Poetic and personal references resound amidst a simple, synth-kissed arena of sound and space. The mind wanders, the mood is set, and you’re more than ready to delve off into the Dreamland.

The second track has more of a memorable melody and sense of colour to it, which works in favour of holding interest, and still manages to stay true to the now recognisable sound of Dean Cosmic.

The vocals are intimate, distant by effect but still showcasing a level of vulnerability and realness, which, in the context of this song, works well to connect. Beautiful melodies make up much of this project, but this track in particular has the makings of a catchy eighties-style hit that never loses its magic.

With Skeletons, we mellow out again amidst a trap-style rhythm that’s light yet always on the verge of intensifying. The vocals are breathy, whispered, intriguing, and the soundscape offers a fresh set of rather euphoric, creative details that further our descent into the Dreamland.

The project’s title-track has that nostalgic warmth and optimism to it again – a dreamy pop single from a simpler era, only the crisp presentation, and the lyrics and vocal stylings, all feels notably contemporary. Woven in are a plethora of lyrics that reach out with genuine humanity and personal truth – the likes of which become all the more clear with each revisit to the project.

Hangover closes things down with a seductively calming and somewhat heart-breaking vocal progression – and some stunning production that leans back and forth between energy and stillness. A gorgeously emotive highlight with a select few lines that really deliver originality and passion united.

This entire EP is beautiful to escape into right now. There’s a modern twist to it all but a well-rooted sense of purpose and professionalism alongside that. Easily one worth returning to more than a few times over for the sheer calm and emotional understanding it offers.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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