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David Mize Psalms


David Mize returns this season with a seven-track project of blues-rock-esque, soulful and upbeat creations for his modern day Psalms.

Bringing together the raw energy of electric guitar with jazz piano and crisp, organic rhythms, the EP starts up with a hypnotic O Lord, How Many Are My Foes (Ps. 3:1-3) – the four-minute piece focusing on the pure strength of the groove, the space within the set-up, and the passionate and characterful vocal delivery from Mize himself. Soon enough, the track has you singing along to its jerky and addictive hook as it repeats and repeats.

The second track on the EP (Praise Be to the Lord My Rock) has more of a Gospel feel, gentler and with accompanying vocal layers to create a warmer vibe. The piano guides, a light touch of drums for added passion, and the voice builds on this with increasing emotion and soul. A personal favourite from the new project, and an example of the contemporary creativity that can really ignite a fresh musical connection to faith.

Things switch gears a little once more for The Lord Is In His Holy Temple – a bold and contrast-clever piece, with a wave-like back and forth between high-octane and calm. The piano and organ run wild, the pace too, refreshing and energising the room – also effectively giving the words of these Psalms a whole new air of brightness and relevance.

Deeply peaceful and soulful electric guitar guides us into a hi-hat-ready realm of bliss for The Lord In His Holy Temple (2) – a well-placed moment of mellow, reflective energy. Then we get a pop-rock sort of melodic familiarity and Gospel embrace for If It Had Not Been The Lord.

Your Love, O Lord furthers this, a bold moment of unity that reminds you of the celebration at the heart of faith and this work.

Things come to a close with an intimate and ambient O Lord, Our Lord – a soulful little hit, with short lines of simple repeats that quickly connect. An addictive piece by its latter half, with a strong groove that keeps you engaged.

Throughout this album, David manages to keep things eclectic enough to hold interest, yet still consistently in tune with his own recognisable style as a musician and performer. An easy listen, and a genuinely likable new take on some age-old loyalties and odes.

Download the album via Apple. Check out David Mize on Facebook or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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