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David Mize I Will Rejoice


Guiding the way with warm and emotive vocals, a simple piano backdrop, and immediately appreciative, faith-focused lyrics, David Mize’s I Will Rejoice proves a crisp and contemporary yet still timeless take on modern Christianity and song-writing united.

Beautiful vocals hold tightly the light that shines throughout this single. The soundscape rises up accordingly, bringing in further organic layers as the passion and energy progress. Meanwhile, David’s clear connection to the subject matter, this heartfelt and honest delivery, allows the words and the melody to really weave something authentic and uplifting around listeners.

An acoustic pop ballad at its core, yet focused on loving and trusting in a higher power, I Will Rejoice resounds in a powerfully engaging fashion. Meanwhile, the piano-led ambiance helps further the live-performance aspect of the recording, and thus builds all the more-so on the song’s natural ability to explore this theme.

A sudden touch of electronic sound-play towards the end helps recapture any wandering minds, bringing in a dash of modern production to bridge the gap between nostalgia and now. Meanwhile, the final section sees Mize really pour his soul into the performance. Beautifully crafted.

Single out December 11th. Check out David Mize on Facebook or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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