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Darren J Harris Deep Blue


Creative composer Darren J Harris has crafted another beautifully immersive, calming playlist of original ambiances. The deeply soothing and aptly titled project Deep Blue quickly transcends the reality of the room, transporting listeners to the ocean, surrounding them in nature’s audio and gentle waves of synth-strings in unison.

Encounter starts things off and is all of this – the gentle swell of the waves feels heavy yet mellow in the same instance; all-encompassing yet comforting at the very same time. You’re enveloped in the sound, particularly when played at volume, and there’s a strange, almost in-utero sort of peacefulness and embrace to the whole thing. Perhaps the idea is that we are all born here, everything began here – these are the roots of existence and life.

Darren’s last album, Time And Tide, introduced this conceptually thoughtful arrangement style, but focused on the differing moments and experiences between the two title words. In this case, we’re consistently reminded of the power and importance of the ocean, and the six tracks together make for a powerfully meditative, deeply relaxing listen.

Against the Liquid Sky switches gears instrumentally but is no less delicate. We’re still surrounded by water, but there’s a subtle melody rising and falling, a few twinkles of activity, a few moments of rising brightness; blossoming, awakening movement in the distance.

It’s easy to view this EP as one beautifully well-suited to the sleepy time playlists so many of us put together. To listen and focus on the details is quite difficult after a while, as there’s such a softness and cradling calm to the whole thing. It is, however, also undoubtedly worth-while to listen during the daylight hours – particularly for the focus and clarity the tracks promise. The progression throughout each is subtle yet fairly crucial to the full expression of the idea.

Adrift is another that begins in a minimalist fashion but goes on to brighten up and evolve – perhaps representing the changes of the day, the scene, as you drift along. It’s a joyful journey, not unsettling – far from it. You become happy to let nature take its course.

In mild contrast, Over the Abyss presents a somewhat more neutral, spacious and quiet mood. The intricacies are ultra-fine, the vastness feels more distinctive than the previous close comfort or walls of audio.

Shoal Fish is another that stands out slightly. It’s fascinating, and incredibly impressive, to note how accurately Darren manages to portray each experience as indicated by the title. There’s quietness and space again here, combined with intermittent, brief dashes of movement or sparkles of scales flashing by. There’s even a touch of excitement to the anticipation of these sudden and quick bursts of life.

To finish up the journey through Deep Blue is the intriguing and multi-layered outpouring All of Creation. Subtle as ever again, but immensely uplifting – almost to an overwhelming degree. When you fully allow the music to rain down around you, the effect is decidedly blissful. A wonderful way to bring the experience to a finish.

Darren J Harris consistently delivers a uniquely impressive manner of production and composition, the detail and authenticity of the sound is stunning. Whether it’s an accompaniment to meditation, a way of maintaining a calm state of mind throughout your day, to enjoy a deep immersion of the sounds of the ocean’s underwater worlds, or simply a go-to for a more peaceful ambiance when relaxing, Deep Blue soothes the soul in a softly powerful fashion.

The EP will be available for purchase on 11 July 2020 on all platforms and pre-save here. Check out Darren’s last project Time And Tide. Find & follow Darren J Harris on Facebook or visit his Website.

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