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Dany Sharp On My Mind


Contemporary hip hop with a soul-rock twist of atmospheric embrace – Dany Sharp crafts an ambient hit of emotive storytelling, for On My Mind.

Cleanly mixed and quickly moving for the combination of keys, synths, details and the outright tone and integrity of Sharp’s vocal lead, On My Mind delves into the journey of the artist in a personal and fearlessly honest way.

As the intensity and passion rise both musically and in the performance, the whole thing proves increasingly immersive, falling away only for the melodic and dreamy, soulful calm of the hook – a moment really well-placed to further the refreshing creative edge of Dany’s sound and style.

Musically hypnotic and vocally unique, On My Mind keeps things genuine yet addictive from both an individual point of human connection and the sheer euphoric appeal of the soundscape.

At four minutes and sixteen seconds, that rising intensity continues for a noteworthy timespan – building and building, the lyrics and music and performance uniting in this evolution towards the boldly expressive peak; at which point the listener is entirely wrapped up in the sentiments and vibe of the song.

Offering a powerful hit of escapism and realness all at once, On My Mind introduces a rapper with a new story to tell, a new way of telling it, and a musically uninhibited style to further the originality and intrigue of everything involved. Well worth a few spins at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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