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Danny Oldja Vonix Sesions #4 : Organic / Afro House


Tribal rhythms and classic house vibes create the perfect soundtrack to your summer as renowned NYC DJ Danny Oldja releases his latest hour-long mix Vonix Sessions #4 – Organic / Afro House.

From simple beginnings, that nostalgic house embrace and pace kicks things off with easy energy and movement.

Soon enough the set welcomes in further layers of voice, synth and rhythm, blending in those Afro House qualities faultlessly as various melodic threads and euphoric intricacies rain down. The passion rises for both performer and audience, as the music slowly but surely gathers momentum.

Hypnotic throughout but increasingly uplifting from about the seven-minute mark, Vonix Sessions #4, showcases a precise and purposeful way with track selection and blending, offering an hour of seamlessly connected jams that prove both exotic and energising as they proceed to envelop the listener.

Fragments of soul and afro pop emerge in subtle doses on occasion, along with experimental moments of creativity in the quicker synth, string-like inflections – all of which keeps things incredibly dynamic, yet still well-rooted amidst the overall sound and approach of Oldja’s mix. Never does the music lower the bar nor release its alluring grip on the audience – on the contrary, what begins as a naturally likable progression, soon evolves through multiple instances of blissful calm and dreamy, provocative phrases.

At around the half-way point, nostalgia truly takes the wheel for a retro funk, piano and bass freefall through rhythms and melodies that are quickly familiar, somewhat anthemic, and easily awakening. We then encounter the more late-night, almost industrial flavours of the set, with tribal vocals and chaotic synths and space that takes the reigns over the drum-line for a switch in gears that effectively recaptures any wandering minds.

In short, Oldja drives with an undeniable knowledge of the scene, the genres at hand, and the skills required to professionally and immaculately create a mix that maintains its hold on an audience from start to finish.

Currently known for performing live DJ sets across New York City, Miami and Sao Paolo, Brazil, Danny Oldja releases original mixes that skilfully set the mood, whilst bringing together elements of vintage and contemporary House music for an immersive hit of escapism.

Also worth exploring are the Coachella Melodic House Mix and Danny’s Back 2 Back with Martin Garrix from an Art Basel yacht party.

Check out more from Danny Oldja via Soundcloud & Instagram.

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