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Daniel Angelus Disappear (Act I)


Daniel Angelus returns this year with yet another fully introspective, creative project. Act 1 offers further insight and a musically impressive leap forwards in terms of melodic progression, instrumental set-up, and lyricism.

The single and first video from the new release is a song called Disappear. Featuring passionate vocals, a dreamlike wash of reverb, and a full and colourful soundscape in general, the song pours through with hints of influence from a simpler decade – there’s an eighties vibe to the presentation, and indeed to Angelus’ vocal style. With that though, the concept, the poetic lyricism and the perspective – even the cinematic nature of the ambiance – all of this adds a definite air of originality and freshness.

The song works beautifully today, and it works all the more impressively at volume – fine performances and flawless production let the uplifting, energizing hit of the music work its magic in an instant.

Disappear is something of an anthem for the dreamers out there. You can easily visualize this making waves at a live show – a festival set or even something a little more intimate. That key line, the descending melody and the contrasting, rising musicality, the passion in the voice – it makes for a huge moment that speaks on isolation but ultimately incites togetherness in a beautiful way. The EP in full is a dream to escape within right now.

Stream the EP on Spotify. Find & follow Daniel Angelus on Facebook & Twitter or visit his Website.

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