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Dan Wande Dragon Force


Introducing yet another side to his creative story-telling and unstoppable musicianship, Dan Wande (DW) offers up a superb three-track project that quickly and consistently envelops listeners in this swirling, chaotically beautiful world of classic rock intensity.

Feeling aptly like the intro music to some freshly animated series or show, Dragon Force injects a healthy hit of melody and addictive chorus to an already intensely energizing world of organic rock craftsmanship.

Brilliant guitar work, epic structuring as ever, and faultless delivery from the artist and singer himself. A brilliant portrayal of the limitless nature of creative rock experimentation and songwriting.

Searching follows the opening track and sets more of an eerie, uncertain and heavy mood. There’s a darkness to the song, lyrically and musically, and it breaks up the progression of the three tracks in a way that recaptures any wandering attention and reconnects for its poetic story-line, passion and sense of unresolved longing.

Then we get Tommyknockers, to bring things to a somewhat more power-chord-driven, indie-rock-esque finish. Sublime guitar solo work draws upon the peaks of passion, fusing uniquely with a harmonica solo to double up on the immersive effect, and a vocal echo adds further dynamic to an already impressively eclectic project.

Always the voice is Dan Wande, always the songwriting intriguing and mysterious yet emotive, always the musicianship and recording quality are at the absolute highest standard.

Fantastic, a short yet striking EP that underlines a whole other side to Dan Wande’s uninhibited creative reach.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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