The variety and the crisp finish throughout this album helps make it perhaps the strongest and most engaging release of Maini Sorri’s yet – something that proves to be increasingly likely the further into the playlist you get.

Alt PopPopPop-Rock

Vocally, Jasmine Kara is up there with the best of them. This and indeed all of her previous releases to date showcase incredible vocals – the sort that can meander in a free and effortlessly skillful manner, through moments of quiet and softness to those that need to hit with a little more volume and passion.


Sleep Pills seeks to let the artist feel understood, but at the same time – it reaches out to understand those who live in a similar way; those who consistently burn the candle at both ends. It works well in this respect, becoming the kind of alternative anthem to make isolation feel less unsettling.


Swedish indie-pop duo I Am Nova made waves throughout the past year with their explosive live shows, and now – with the release of Good Enough – they rise even higher, showcasing some brilliantly infectious & energetic pop songwriting. 


There’s an Enya-like feel to the presentation, the voice drives as if simply another instrument, so the collaboration just works. It sounds pleasant in itself, and should you choose to listen a little more intently – the concept reaches out to connect in a very pure and relatable way.

Folk PopPop

Maini Sorri’s vocal style is compatible with many different musical outlets & genres. In every case, it’s a compelling sound, and this album is one that offers an eclectic, emotional playlist, with plenty of impressive moments of power. 


A stunning soft rock song with the emotional warmth of a heartfelt, singer-songwriter offering, and the big-band, rather epic & near-orhcestral ambiance of something much bigger. 

Soft Rock